Event Proposals

Event Proposal Form

Got an idea for an event? Awesome! Fill out this form and submit it! The more information you can give, the easier it is for the committee to turn your idea into reality!


  1. Do some research! The hardest part of events is gathering information all of the information & details around venue & costs. Help us by doing some of the work ahead of time.
  2. Fill out the form with as much detail as possible
  3. Submit your form
  4. That’s it!

What happens next?

Your proposal is automatically sent to the channel on slack “#eventproposals”. From there, the (sub)committee will prioritize the discussion & approval of events that have the most information.


Good Examples (for proposed expenses section)

Event Venue Name, # of hours, $1,000

Sugar Free Rockstar, 4 Cases, $120

Party theme decorations, qty, $150


Poor Examples (for proposed expenses section)

“we should do an event at golden gate park. We’ll sell drinks and charge $5 entry”