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The following positions are elected using Third Legacy Procedure as outlined in the AA World Services Manual:

(Position, Suggested Sobriety, Description)

  1. CHAIR, 2 years
    • Arrange and announce the agenda for all committee meetings
    • Open and maintain meetings in a reasonable order
    • Recognize members entitled to discussion on the floor
    • State and put to a vote all motions properly seconded
    • Announce the results of all votes
    • Affix his or her signature to all committee actions
    • Assign or delegate responsibilities as needed
    • Be responsible as a signatory on the GGYPAA bank account
    • Assign, delegate, or fulfill the duties of any chair when the duties of said chair are not fulfilled
  2. CO-CHAIR, 2 years
    • In the absence of the chair, the co-chair shall fulfill all duties of the chair
  3. TREASURER, 3 years
    • Be responsible for the bank account
    • Keep accurate financial records of all committee transactions
    • Control and distribute money pursuant to committee approval
    • Give financial reports at all committee business meetings, and make such reports subject to inspection and available to the group
    • Be responsible as a signatory on the bank account, and shall be available to reimburse members for approved expenses
  4. CO-TREASURER, 2 years
    • In the absence of the treasurer, the co-treasurer shall fulfill all duties of the treasurer
  5. SECRETARY, 1 year
    • Act as a custodian of all committee materials
    • Keep minutes of all committee meetings, save minutes and agenda and bring them to committee meetings
    • Be responsible for answering correspondence between the group and AA as a whole
    • Maintain roll/attendance of committee members
    • Maintain committee phone list
    • Be responsible for maintaining a calendar of events
  6. EVENTS CHAIR, 1 year
    • Be responsible for planning and executing events.
    • Host subcommittee meetings for the purpose of planning events
    • Coordinate with the other committee members (graphics chair for event flyers, hospitality for food/beverage/merchandise sales, secretary and outreach for communication, etc.) in preparing events.
    • Will report date, time, location, theme, and budget of all events at committee meetings

The following positions are elected by simple majority:

  1. BID CHAIR, 1 year
    • Coordinate the completion, production, and delivery of YPAA conference bid packages in accordance with the group conscience and conference bidding requirements.
  2. CO-BID CHAIR, 1 year
    • Work closely with the Bid Chair. In the absence of the Bid Chair, shall accept the duties of the Bid Chair.
  3. HOTELS CHAIR, 1 year
    • Researches and develops relationships with facilities capable of accommodating the YPAA conference GGYPAA is currently bidding for
    • Obtains written commitments from facilities to comply with convention requirements.
  4. OUTREACH CHAIR, 1 year
    • The outreach chairperson shall outreach all GGYPAA functions within the Twelve Traditions of A.A.
  5. SERVICE CHAIR, 2 years
    • Attend District meetings
    • Attend Area Assembly
    • Report back to the committee needs/services of the Districts and Area Assembly, and shall be responsible for ensuring GGYPAA is performing service in association with other General Service entities
    • Be responsible for working with co-chairs to ensure all service entity meetings in both San Francisco and Marin counties are attended
  6. HOSPITALITY, 9 months
    • Be responsible for purchasing and making available all food, beverages, and/or merchandise at events
    • Work with events chair to have a hospitality table at all events, and shall coordinate volunteers to assist with sales
    • Store all unused supplies for use at future events
  7. CO-EVENTS CHAIR, 1 year
    • The co-events chairperson shall fulfill the duties of the events chair in his or her absence
  8. GRAPHICS CHAIR, 6 months
    • Design event flyers and finalize designs
    • Make available digital copies of all media to Web Chair
    • Be responsible for hosting subcommittee meetings for other designs, when necessary
  9. BYLAWS CHAIR, 1 year
    • Hold subcommittee meetings when necessary
    • Be responsible for enforcing and maintaining these rules of procedure set forth in the bylaws
    • Interrupt committee proceedings to clarify points-of-order
    • Have a working knowledge of the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts of AA World Service
  10. WEB CHAIR, 9 months
    • Be responsible for maintaining GGYPAA website
    • Ensure that all event fliers and correlative information are posted in a timely manner for public availability
    • Is responsible for maintaining an appropriate online presence for GGYPAA, in keeping with the group’s conscience and the Guidelines set forth by GSO in the AA Internet Guidelines
  11. CO-SERVICE CHAIR, 6 months
    • Fulfill the duties of the service chair in his or her absence
    • Carry out various duties assigned by the service chair
    • Regularly attend the monthly General Service meeting, and any other service entity meetings in San Francisco
  12. H&I LIAISON, 6 months
    • Attend, or delegate members to attend, monthly H & I business meetings in San Francisco and Marin counties
    • Report to the committee any needs/services of H&I
  13. PRAYER CHAIR, 3 months
    • Open and close all committee meetings with a prayer
    • Have authority to interrupt committee meetings for prayer in the event that personalities start to precede principles
    • Have a working knowledge of the 12 traditions.
  14. CO-SECRETARY, 6 months
    • The co-secretary shall fulfill the duties of the secretary in his or her absence
  15. YPAA LIAISON, 6 months
    • Be responsible for communication, unity and outreach with other YPAAs.
    • Keep an updated contact list of other YPAA groups in order to conduct such efforts
    • Announce other YPAAs’ scheduled events at GGYPAA business meetings, and shall work with the events chair to avoid scheduling events on the same dates as other YPAA groups
  16. ARCHIVES CHAIR, 6 months
    • The archives chair shall collect all flyers, programs and other notable items for inclusion into the GGYPAA archives for use by future committees
  17. CO-OUTREACH, 6 months
    • Help the Outreach Chair in his/her duties
    • Also carries out the duties of the commitment in the absence of the Outreach Chair
  18. IN-REACH SF CHAIR, 6 months
    • The San Francisco In-Reach chairperson shall in reach GGYPAA events and service opportunities to the San Francisco AA groups while staying within the 12 traditions.
  19. IN-REACH MARIN CHAIR, 6 months
    • The Marin In-Reach chairperson shall in reach GGYPAA events and service opportunities to the Marin AA groups while staying within the 12 traditions.
    • The communications chairperson shall keep the contact between the persons in the committee going. Also have the responsibility of Outreach via phone.
  21. SET-UP/CLEAN-UP CHAIR, 1 day
    • Work closely with Chair and Events Chair and Hospitality Chair.
    • Be responsible to coordinate set-up and clean up at all committee meetings and events where necessary.
    • Should coordinate and maintain a list of volunteers to assist with various jobs.
  22. LGBTQ LIAISON, 1 day
    • Shall operate under the Outreach Chair and lias with the LGBTQ community within San Francisco and Marin Counties
    • Shall coordinate with the Outreach Chair and lias with the Hispanic community within San Francisco and Marin Counties. Spanish language skills preferred.
    • Shall work with the  local  Accessibility/Special Needs committees to communicate with, outreach to, and accommodate the Special Needs community.
    • Make services available to the hearing impaired, and tend to the needs of attendees with disabilities at all committee events.
  25. 12TH STEP CALL CHAIR, 3 months
    • Shall field all 12th Step requests to the committee.
    • Research, develop and propose additional 12th Step related service opportunities to the committee
    • Respond to all 12th Step emails within 24 hours.
  26. PROGRAMS CHAIR, 6 months
    • Shall produce AA related programs (traditions, YPAA history, sponsorship, etc) for workshops and related events.
    • Produce a schedule of programs for YPAA conference bid packages when required
    • Work with Events Chair on other aspects of event facilitation unrelated to programming (venue, date, etc).
  27. AV CHAIR, 6 months
    • Work with Bid Chair and Hotels Chair to address audio/visual needs and help fulfill bid requirement by liaising and contracting with AV companies.
    • Be responsible for AV needs pertinent to non-bid related events.
  28. CALENDAR CHAIR, 1 month
    • Shall work closely with Outreach Chair to set up and manage a calendar of AA events including: ICYPAA, ACYPAA, other YPAA conferences and events, Area 6 events, service committee meetings/events, etc. All events for inclusion should be submitted to the Calendar Chair. This calendar should be made available in print at GGYPAA committee meetings and events, as well as in digital format on the GGYPAA Google Calendar.
    • The calendar should be updated twice a month.
    • Must have access to a computer.
    • Shall coordinate social and informal gatherings to promote fellowship and unity within the committee.
    • Track and announce all birthdays and anniversaries of committee members.


~ Updated 3/5/2018 ~