1)     Name, Purpose and Principal Office.

a)      The name of this organization is Golden Gate Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous (hereinafter “GGYPAA” or “Committee”).

b)     The purpose of GGYPAA is to develop greater unity among AA members and groups within San Francisco and Marin Counties and the surrounding areas. GGYPAA will achieve this purpose by focusing on the needs of the growing numbers of young people in AA and by fostering the service legacies of Alcoholics Anonymous.

2)     Membership & Structure of the Committee.

a)      The Committee shall be comprised of Members-at-Large defined below and the elected positions described in Section 11. All members of Alcoholics Anonymous are eligible for Committee membership.

b)     Member at Large: If a person has attended two consecutive Committee and/or sub-committee meetings and expresses a desire to be a member of the Committee, on the third meeting attended that person will be considered as a Member-at-Large.

c)      Whenever possible, decisions should be made by an informed group conscious and with substantial unanimity. Individuals will not make decisions on behalf of the Committee outside of their respective responsibilities.

3)     Attendance.

a)      All Committee members are required to attend all Committee meetings and any sub-committee meetings pertinent to their responsibilities. If a Committee member is unable to attend the Committee meetings they must notify the Chair, Co-Chair, or Secretary.

b)     Failure to attend two consecutive Committee meetings without prior notice to the Chair, Co-Chair, or Secretary shall be considered a resignation of the Committee position.

4)     Resignations and Removals.

a)      Any elected Committee member can resign their position by notifying the Chair or Co-Chair.

b)     Any break in continuous sobriety is considered a resignation of their position.

5)     Meeting Procedures.

A) Sub-Committee Meetings

i)      Sub-committee shall be held as needed and recommended.

ii)     The time, day, and location of sub-commitee meetings should be scheduled with care,so as many as possible may attend.

iii)   Sub-committee meetings should be announced at the regular Committee meetings, whenever possible.

iv)    Results of each sub-committee meeting should be reported at the next regularly scheduled Committee meeting.

b)     Agenda.

i)      The Chair will arrange the agenda for all Committee meetings. It is recommended that requests to add an item to new business be done prior to the meeting and with the approval of the Chair.

c)      Minutes.

i)      Minutes of each Committee meeting shall be recorded by the Secretary or Co-Secretary.

ii)     Copies of meeting minutes will be distributed electronically to Committee members within one week after each Committee meeting. Hard copies of meeting minutes will be provided upon request for members who do not have electronic access.

iii)   The previous meeting’s minutes are to be corrected as needed, and approved at each regularly scheduled Committee meeting.

d)     Reports.

i)      All Committee chairs shall give a report to the Committee at every regularly scheduled Committee meeting. If both the Committee chair and Co-Chair  is unable to attend they shall send their report to the Secretary to include in the minutes.

ii)     At the end of a report the Chair will open up the floor for questions pertaining to the report.

e)      Motions.

i)      Any Committee member, except the Chair, may make a motion.

ii)     Motions must be seconded in order to be considered.

iii)   Any Committee member, except the Chair or the member who made the motion, may second a motion.

iv)    Motions may be withdrawn by the member making the motion any time prior to the vote.

v)     Motions may be amended by the member making the motion any time prior to the vote.  Amendments must be seconded by the member who originally seconded the motion.

f)       Procedural Motions.

i)      Close Discussion / Call the Question.

(1)    Must be seconded and passed by a four-fifths vote.

(2)    Any vote required must be taken immediately following this motion being passed.

ii)     Table an Item.

(1)    Must be seconded and passed by a majority vote.

(2) Automatically becomes Old Business on the agenda if passed.

(3) The Chair has the authority to table an item, in the interest of time.

iii)   Motion to Adjourn.

(1)    Must be seconded.

(2)    Must be passed by a majority vote.

(3)    The Chair may veto motion to adjourn if there is still urgent business that needs to be presented, the Chair’s veto may be overturned by 2/3 majority vote.

g)     Discussion of Motions.

i)      The only members who may interrupt a speaker are the Chair, the Bylaws Chair, or the Prayer Chair. The Chair may only interrupt a speaker for these reasons:

(1)    Speaking off the topic.

(2)    Speaking too long.

(3)    Repeating the previous points at length.

ii)     Any Committee member may make procedural motions at any appropriate break in discussion.

iii)   The Chair will always ask for further discussion on the motion after the motion has been seconded. The Chair will then call on members or guests having their hands raised.

iv)    All discussion shall be concise, courteous, dignified, and awesome.

v)     After discussion of the motion the Chair will ask the Secretary to repeat the motion on the table and a vote will be taken.

h)     Voting.

i)      A quorum of at least two-fifths of all currently GGYPAA committee members must be present at a Committee meeting in order for the Committee to vote on motions pertaining to bylaws.

ii)     Quorum may be waived with the approval of the majority of officers. See list of officer positions in Section 7(f) (below).

iii)   If any of the majority wishes to reconsider their vote, a new vote on the mortion must be taken.

iv)    Votes by proxy will not be accepted.

v)     The Chair of the Committee can only vote in Third Legacy voting procedures, elections, and to break ties.

vi)    Unless stated otherwise, a simple majority of the voting members present is required to pass a motion.

i)      Bylaw Changes.

i)      Motions to amend, delete or add to the Bylaws must be passed with substantial unanimity.

j)      Minority Opinion.

i)       Automatically following a vote, minority opinion is entitled to speak.

ii)     A maximum of two members may present the minority opinion.

6)     Financial Guidelines.

a)      A bank account shall be maintained under the name GGYPAA. No one person shall have complete dominion over Committee finances.

b)     Accurate records of all financial transactions will be kept by the Treasurer.

c)      Events and other service opportunities involving a financial commitment needs to be submitted to the group and approved.

d)     All budget and financial requests must be submitted to and approved in advance by the Committee.

e)      Individuals are required to submit receipts to the treasurer for all expenditures.

f)       Upon agreement of the Treasure, and two other officers of the commitee, a time-sensitive expenditure (not previously approved) may be approved if needed in connection with a committee-sponsored issue.

g)     Any legal or ethically binding contract to be signed on behalf of the Committee or that includes the GGYPAA name must be signed by the Chair (it’s only the chair).

7)     Elections.

a)      Unless stated otherwise, all positions (other than Member-at-Large) will be elected using 3rd Legacy procedure found in the AA Service Manual.

b)     Whenever possible, no more than one position may be held by any one person at any time.

c)      All elected positions are one-year commitments. If a member is elected in an interim period, then the newly elected member finishes the term of the commitment.

d)     All elected positions are one year commitments. If a member is elected in an interim period, then the newly elected member finishes the term of the commitment.

e)      Officers defined: The officers of GGYPAA are the Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Events, and Bylaws.

8)     Printed & Digital Material.

a)      Event flyers.

i)      All event flyers including graphics must be approved by the Events Chair, Treasurer, and Chair prior to printing and distribution.

b)     Web content.

i)      All content added to the GGYPAA Web site needs to be approved by the Chair or Co-Chair.

9)     Unique Circumstances.

A)     In the rare event a motion needs to be made in a quick manner, and it is not prudent or feasible to wait until the next scheduled Committee meeting, the motion may be passed by affirmative vote of two/third (2/3) officers of the Committee. If an officer is not present, the co-chair for that position will fill in as an officer for that motion.

10)   Approval of Co-hosting events and Service opportunities for GGYPAA.

A)     The group as a whole has to approve any sort of financial co-hosting.

B)      When it comes to service commitments for GSO or IFB it has to be brought to the group to vote on and see who can show up.

11)   Elected Positions.

a)      The following positions are elected using Third Legacy Procedure as outlined in the AA World Services Manual:

Chair. The chairperson shall:

  • Arrange and announce the agenda for all committee meetings.
  • Open and maintain meetings in a reasonable order.
  • Recognize members entitled to discussion on the floor.
  • State and put to a vote all motions properly seconded.
  • Announce the results of all votes.
  • Affix his or her signature to all committee actions.
  • Assign or delegate responsibilities as needed.
  • Be responsible as a signatory on the GGYPAA bank account.
  • Assign, delegate, or fulfill the duties of any chair when the duties of such chair are not fulfilled.
2 years.
Co-Chair. In the absence of the chair, the co-chair shall fulfill all duties of the chair. 2 years.
Treasurer. The treasurer shall:

  • Be responsible for the bank account.
  • Keep accurate financial records of all committee transactions.
  • Control and distribute money pursuant to committee approval.
  • Give financial reports at all committee business meetings, and make such reports subject to inspection and available to the group.
  • Be responsible as a signatory on the bank account, and shall be available to reimburse members for approved expenses.

It is strongly suggested. the treasurer:

  • Have a job.
  • Have a personal bank account in good standing.
3 years.
Co-Treasurer. In the absence of the treasurer, the co-treasurer shall fulfill all duties of the treasurer. 2 years.
Secretary. The secretary shall:

  • Act as a custodian of all committee materials.
  • Keep minutes of all committee meetings, save minutes and agenda and bring them to committee meetings.
  • Be responsible for answering correspondence between the group and AA as a whole.
  • Maintain roll/attendance of committee members.
  • Maintain committee phone list.
  • Be responsible for maintaining a calendar of events.
1 year.
Events Chair. The events chairperson shall:

  • Be responsible for planning and executing events.
  • Host subcommittee meetings for the purpose of planning events.
  • Coordinate with the other committee members (graphics chair for event flyers, hospitality for food/beverage/merchandise sales, secretary and outreach for communication, etc.) in preparing events.
  • Will report date,time,location,theme, and budget of all events at committee meetings.
1 year.
Outreach Chair. The outreach chairperson shall outreach all GGYPAA functions within the Twelve Traditions of A.A. 1 year.
Service Chair. The service chairperson shall:

  • Attend District meetings.
  • Attend Area Assembly.
  • Report back to the committee needs/services of the Districts and Area Assembly, and shall be responsible for ensuring GGYPAA is performing service in association with other General Service entities.
  • Be responsible for working with co-chairs to ensure all service entity meetings in both San Francisco and Marin counties are attended.
2 years.
Hospitality Chair. The hospitality chairperson shall:

  • Be responsible for purchasing and making available all food, beverages, and/or merchandise at events.
  • Work with events chair to have a hospitality table at all events, and shall coordinate volunteers to assist with sales.
  • Store all unused supplies for use at future events.
9 months.
Graphics Chair. The graphics chairperson shall:

  • Design event flyers and finalize designs.
  • Make available digital copies of all media to web chair.
  • Be responsible for hosting sub-committee meetings for other designs, when necessary.
6 months.

b)     The following positions are elected using popularity majority procedures:

Co-Events Chair. The co-events chairperson shall fulfill the duties of the events chair in his or her absence. 1 year.
Bylaws Chair. The bylaws chairperson shall:

  • Hold subcommittee meetings when necessary.
  • Be responsible for enforcing and maintaining these rules of procedure set forth in the bylaws.
  • Interrupt committee proceedings to clarify points-of-order.
  • Have a working knowledge of the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts of AA World Service.
1 year.
Web Chair. The web chairperson shall:

  • Be responsible for maintaining GGYPAA website.
  • Ensure that all event fliers and correlative information are posted in a timely manner for public availability.
  • Is responsible for maintaining an appropriate online presence for GGYPAA, in keeping with the group’s conscience and the Guidelines set forth by GSO in the AA Internet Guidelines.
  • Have knowledge of web design.

It is strongly suggested that the web chair own a computer and have experience in web design.

9 months.
Co-Service Chair (S.F.). The co-service chair of San Francisco shall:

  • Fulfill the duties of the service chair in his or her absence.
  • Carry out various duties assigned by the service chair.
  • Regularly attend the monthly General Service meeting, and any other service entity meetings in San Francisco.
6 months.
Co-Service Chair (Marin). The co-service chair of Marin shall:

  • Fulfill the duties of the service chair in his or her absence.
  • Carry out various duties assigned by the service chair.
  • Regularly attend the monthly General Service meeting, and any other service entity meetings in Marin.
6 months
H&I Liaison. The H&I liaison shall:

  • Attend, or delegate members to attend, monthly H & I business meetings in San Francisco and Marin counties.
  • Report to the committee any needs/services of H&I.
6 months.
Prayer Chair. The prayer chair shall:

  • Open and close all committee meetings with a prayer.
  • Have authority to interrupt committee meetings for prayer in the event that personalities start to precede principles.
  • Have a working knowledge of the 12 traditions.
3 months.
Co-Secretary. The co-secretary shall fulfill the duties of the secretary in his or her absence. 6 months.
YPAA Liaison. The YPAA liaison shall:

  • Be responsible for communication, unity and outreach with other YPAAs.
  • Keep an updated contact list of other YPAA groups in order to conduct such efforts.
  • Announce other YPAAs’ scheduled events at GGYPAA business meetings, and shall work with the events chair to avoid scheduling events on the same dates as other YPAA groups.
6 months.
Archives Chair.  The archives chair shall collect all flyers, programs and other notable items for inclusion into the GGYPAA archives for use by future committees 6 months.
Co-Outreach. The Co-Outreach chairperson shall:

  • Help the Outreach Chair in his/her duties.
  • Also carries out the duties of the commitment in the absence of the Outreach Chair.
6 months.
In-reach SF Chair. The San Francisco In-Reach chairperson shall:

  • In reach GGYPAA events and service opportunities to the San Francisco AA groups while staying within the 12 traditions.
6 months.
In-reach Marin Chair. The Marin In-Reach chairperson shall:

  • In reach GGYPAA events and service opportunities to the Marin County AA groups while staying within the 12 traditions.
6 months.
Communications Chair. The communications chairperson shall:

  • Keep the contact between the persons in the committee going. Also have the responsibility of Outreach via phone.
6 months.
Literature Chair. Chairperson shall:

  • Purchase a small array of AA approved literature. Shall bring the literature to business meeting and events.
Third Legacy. Bid Chair shall:

  • Coordinate the completion, production, and delivery of YPAA conference bid packages in accordance with the group conscience and conference bidding requirements.
Co Bid Chair shall:

  • Work closely with the Bid Chair. In the absence of the Bid Chair, shall accept the duties of the Bid Chair.